Best Smartwatches for Kids: A Guide to Keeping Them Safe and Connected

In today’s tech-savvy world, smartwatches are no longer just for adults. They’ve become a popular choice for parents who want to keep their kids safe and connected, offering features like GPS tracking, two-way calling, and even fun educational apps. But with so many options available, choosing the right smartwatch for your child can be overwhelming.


This comprehensive guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision. We’ll explore the key considerations for different age groups, delve into essential features, and guide you through compatibility and additional factors.

Choosing the Right Watch for Your Child’s Age:

  • Preschoolers (3-5 years old): For younger children, the focus should be on safety. Look for a watch with SOS calling, allowing them to connect with pre-programmed numbers in case of emergencies. Real-time location tracking provides peace of mind, letting you know where your child is at all times. Durability is crucial at this age, so prioritize a watch that’s waterproof and shockproof to withstand playtime tumbles. A simple interface with large icons ensures easy navigation for tiny hands.
  • Elementary School Kids (6-10 years old): As children grow, their needs evolve. Safety features like SOS calling, location tracking, and geofencing (which sends alerts when they enter or leave designated areas) remain important. Two-way calling allows for easy communication, while pre-approved texting options keep them connected to parents and close contacts. Limited entertainment features like educational games and step counters can add a fun element while promoting healthy habits.
  • Pre-teens & Tweens (11-13 years old): For older kids, advanced safety features like fall detection become valuable. Communication expands with features like messaging apps, allowing them to connect with friends and family under parental oversight. More entertainment options come into play, including fitness trackers, music players, and a wider variety of games. Consider the Seculife GPS Tracker for Kids here (if it offers features relevant to this age group, like SOS calling, location tracking, and geofencing). We’ll discuss this specific tracker in more detail later.

Essential Features to Consider:

  • Safety Features:
    • SOS Calling: One-touch emergency call to pre-programmed numbers for immediate help.
    • GPS Tracking & Location Sharing: Real-time or periodic location updates for peace of mind.
    • Geofencing: Alerts you if your child enters or leaves designated safe zones.
    • Fall Detection (for older kids): Sends alerts in case of a potential fall.
  • Communication Features:
    • Two-way Calling: Allows voice communication between you and your child.
    • Texting & Messaging Apps (for older kids): Limited texting or pre-approved messaging apps for safe communication.
  • Other Features:
    • Parental Controls: Manage screen time, contacts, and app access to ensure responsible use.
    • Fitness Trackers: Monitors steps, calories burned, and encourages healthy habits.
    • Music Players: Keeps kids entertained on the go.
    • Educational Games: Provides a fun way to learn.
    • Water Resistance/Proofing: Essential for active kids.
    • Battery Life: Look for a watch with a long battery life to minimize charging interruptions.

Compatibility and Connectivity:

  • Smartphone Compatibility: Ensure the smartwatch is compatible with your phone’s operating system (iOS or Android).
  • Cellular Network Compatibility: Some features like real-time tracking and calling require a cellular network connection. Check which network providers are compatible with the chosen smartwatch.

Additional Considerations:

  • Cost: Factor in both the device price and any ongoing subscription fees for cellular connectivity.
  • Durability & Design: A comfortable, waterproof, and shockproof watch can withstand active play.
  • User Interface: A child-friendly interface with easy navigation is crucial.
  • Data Privacy & Security: Choose a company with a strong reputation for data privacy and security to protect your child’s information.

The Seculife GPS Tracker for Kids: A Closer Look 

As mentioned earlier, the Seculife GPS Tracker for kids might be a good option for parents seeking a smartwatch focused on safety and core features. Here’s a closer look to see if it aligns with your needs:


  • Strong Safety Features: The Seculife tracker boasts SOS calling, real-time GPS tracking, and geofencing, allowing you to locate your child and receive alerts if they leave designated areas.
  • Long Battery Life: With a battery life lasting up to several days on a single charge, you won’t have to worry about constant recharging.
  • Simple and Durable Design: The Seculife tracker prioritizes a comfortable and waterproof design built to withstand everyday wear and tear.


  • Limited Functionality: Compared to some feature-rich smartwatches, the Seculife tracker focuses primarily on safety features and lacks extras like games or music players. This may not be ideal for older children seeking more entertainment options.
  • Cellular Network Subscription Required: Real-time tracking and features like SOS calling rely on a cellular network connection, which requires a separate subscription fee.
  • Price Point: While generally priced competitively within the safety-focused smartwatch category, compare the Seculife tracker’s cost (including the device and subscription) to other options to ensure it fits your budget.

Is the Seculife GPS Tracker Right for You?

If your primary concern is your child’s safety and you’re looking for a reliable, durable tracker with core features like SOS calling, location tracking, and geofencing, the Seculife GPS Tracker could be a good choice. However, if your child desires a feature-rich smartwatch with entertainment options, you might want to explore models that offer a wider range of functionalities.

Remember, the best smartwatch for your child depends on their age, your priorities, and your lifestyle. By considering the factors mentioned above, you can make an informed decision and choose a smartwatch that offers safety, connectivity, and a fun user experience for your child.

Choose a subscription plan that best suits your needs at the time of activation. Subscription includes All Premium Features, GPS Tracking, Two-Way Calling, a Pre-Installed SIM Card, and Seculife Mobile App. For each device a monthly fee is required for as low as $17/month with a one year prepayment or $25/month billed monthly one year subscription.

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