sl01 gps tracker

Perfect for Vehicle & Asset Tracking.


premium features:

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    4G GPS Real-Time Location Tracking
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    Unlimited Geofences & Alerts
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    Historical Tracking Data
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    Overspeed Alerts
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    Manage Multiple Trackers

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5 Minutes

GPS Tracking Intervals
for Location Updates



($10.00 Monthly)



Save 10%

($9.00 Monthly)



Save 25%

($7.50 Monthly)

*1-Month equal to 30-days

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3 Seconds

GPS Tracking Intervals
for Location Updates



($15.00 Monthly)



Save 10%

($13.50 Monthly)



Save 25%

($11.25 Monthly)

*1-Month equal to 30-days

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asset & Vehicle
GPS tracker

Compact & Durable

  • 4G GPS Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Unlimited Geofences & Alerts
  • Historical Tracking Data
  • Overspeed Alerts
  • Manage Multiple Trackers

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GPS tracker

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The Seculife Mobile App is designed to deliver important information to the right person at the right time.

Easily customize how you receive your alerts and notifications.

Add multiple users to assist with protecting everything that is valuable to you.

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the model sL01

The tracker is rated IP65 water and dust resistant.
The device requires a cellular subscription to utilize the GPS tracking location information, receive and send calls, provide geofence arrival and departure notifications, collect historical tracking data, and send alerts and notifications.
The device and its services will work throughout the United States and provide free roaming in Canada and Mexico.

The device has a very long battery life and can last for more than a week based on certain factors.
Your battery life depends on how often you'd like to receive location updates.
Longer tracking interval settings help extend the battery life, while shorter intervals result in a shorter battery life.
Battery life is directly affected by features usage.

sl01 battery plan days

We offer easy returns. Just return the device within the 14-day return period. Include the device, all packaging, accessories, and inserts to be credited for the cost of the device.

more about
the model sl01

Subscription Includes
All Premium Features

Choose subscription plan during activation


5G 4G LTE SIM Card Preinstalled

  • Live Onboarding.
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking.
  • GPS Location Update.
  • Unlimited Geofences.
  • Unlimited Fall Alerts.
  • Unlimited Overspeed Alerts.
  • Worldwide Super Sim Coverage.
  • Unlimited Reports.
  • Shareable Maps.
  • Unlimited Text, Email, and In-App
  • Notifications & Alerts.
  • 12 Months of Location History.
  • Outdoor & Indoor Tracking.
  • 365 Days of Live Customer Service.


The Best GPS Trackers For Seniors: A 2024 Guide

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Wandering is a common behavioral expression by older people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, wandering can be harmful and even life-threatening, putting people with dementia at risk of falls or other injuries, getting lost, dehydration, traffic accidents or drowning. At the very least, the prospect of a loved one wandering can cause a tremendous amount of distress and anxiety for caregivers and family members.

If you have a loved one who is prone to wandering, a GPS tracker device can help safeguard their well-being by monitoring their location at all times. Read on to learn more about GPS-enabled trackers to see if this type of device might be a worthy investment for yourself or a loved one.

SecuLife Personal GPS Tracker for Elderly, Dementia, & Alzheimer’s

  • Device cost: No charge for device
  • Subscription cost: “Basic” plan includes 60 minutes a month of talk time and five-minute GPS location intervals—and costs $19 a month with an annual plan or $15.20 a month when prepaying $182.40 for 12 months. “Elite” plan includes unlimited minutes per month of talk time and 30-second GPS location intervals—and costs $39 per month with an annual plan or $31.20 monthly when prepaying $374.40 for 12 months.
  • Available for purchase on Amazon or SecuLife website

Choose a subscription plan that best suits your needs at the time of activation. Subscription includes All Premium Features, GPS Tracking, Two-Way Calling, a Pre-Installed SIM Card, and Seculife Mobile App. For each device a monthly fee is required for as low as $17/month with a one year prepayment or $25/month billed monthly one year subscription.

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