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Seculife offers cost-competitive, rigorously tested GPS trackers for personal and safety management solutions. Helping You Keep An Eye On What Matters Most!


Our Mission

SecuLife® strives to provide what matters most to all of us: 

Safety, independence, and peace of mind.

Who We Are

Protection and Peace of Mind

Protection and Peace of Mind SecuLife® is one of the leading GPS products and services providers dedicated to helping protect people and their valuables. 

We develop innovative products that help people live safely and independently. 

The well-being of seniors, persons with physical limitations, vehicles, assets, businesses, and the home is our #1 priority. With real-time GPS tracking, SOS alert monitoring, fall detection, geofencing, and much more, you can be sure that you are covered no matter who you are or where you go! We have made helping individuals, families, and businesses our primary goal is providing peace of mind to our customers. 


Our Goals

Technology, Safety, & Reliability

At SecuLife, we aim to continue to empower the lives of our customers every single day by providing safety equipment and mobile monitoring solutions. We offer tracking solutions for monitoring people, valuable assets, and vehicle tracking devices to protect people’s lives and protect and secure their belongings.  We put our customers first in every way. By listening to feedback from our users, we’ve continued to provide solutions dedicated to creating a worry-free living for our customers with best-in-class service and experience for everyone and anyone.



How It All Started


SecuLife® was founded to improve seniors’ lives, persons with physical limitations and disabilities, vehicles, assets, large and small businesses, and the home. Our business enables us to operate and act in our customer’s best interest and adopt a long-term approach to creating services that best fulfill their needs. We take pride in providing those who desire to live without boundaries a safer way to do so and are committed to our objective. Because when you buy a safety alert wristband or personal asset tracking device from SecuLife®, you’re giving yourself permission to live the way you choose!



Our Story


Our founder and CEO created SecuLife® after his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s – a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions.


After several instances of his father leaving his home and getting lost with no reliable forms of communication, he realized that he had to find a solution to keep his father safe. Unfortunately, seniors and individuals with disabilities are more at risk of finding themselves in dangerous situations with no way to get help.


To solve the problem at hand, our founder decided to do some research in hopes of finding wearable mobile help monitoring devices that could reduce this risk and enable independence in a safer way.


His search for a solution constantly came up short. The GPS Tracker products for Seniors and Disabled Persons were either too expensive, uncomfortable, or unreliable! 


He wanted to create a better solution, not just for his family but for anyone who struggles with the same problem. 


So, he began to develop assistive technology solutions for people with disabilities and seniors. 


That’s how SecuLife® started its’ journey into creating the perfect GPS tracking and safety alert wristband products on the market!


Using a unique technology, we can provide exceptional monitoring, tracking, and communication services for persons on the go, seniors, persons with physical limitations, persons with disabilities, children, pets, vehicles, assets, businesses, and the home. In addition, we made sure that our devices can put you in touch with a loved one while significantly cutting down the monthly plan prices to provide a product that is just as reliable for a fraction of the cost!