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Featuring our SOS Smartwatch, it is the perfect solution to keep your loved ones safe. Our Plans start at only $14.99 a month! In addition, SecuLife’s SIMPLE TO USE SOS Smartwatch provides an INNOVATIVE way to monitor your loved ones’ location anytime, anywhere. Our SOS Smartwatch is great for Elderly persons or those with Special Needs, AUTISM, PARKINSONS, ALZHEIMERS & DEMENTIA.

The tracker provides continuous all-day monitoring with a secured IoT 5G 4G LTE cellular network. Expanded GPS TRACKING capabilities work in the USA, Canada, and Mexico for the most accurate location possible. Know immediately if your loved one is lost, and find them quickly! Special details include unlimited TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION, Customizable GEOFENCE SAFETY AREAS, Detailed Location History, & More.

It only takes 5 minutes to activate and start tracking! The Seculife Mobile App will work on most IOS, Android, or Windows devices. Our intuitive software is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE; add contacts & SET PERMISSIONS, turn on & off features, and decide what ALERTS and NOTIFICATIONS you want and how to get them. Alerts types include Geofencing Alerts When Entering or Exiting a Preset Location, Low Battery, Appointment, and Medication Reminder. Easily sync to the SecuLife App to monitor and track your loved ones from a phone.

In an emergency, push and hold the SOS button and immediately alert the preset contacts. Your emergency contacts will be sent your location details and are able to review them with the real-time tracking system. The SOS Smartwatch also features TWO-WAY VOICE CALLING CAPABILITIES talk to your loved one or LISTEN-IN REMOTELY. Includes VOICE ASSISTIVE CLEAR SPEAKERPHONE and AUTO-ANSWER to help physically impaired people answer your call.

SecuLife® is a U.S-Based Company; we provide Live Customer Support 7 Days a Week to guide you through the activation process and answer any questions you may have. Additionally, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all devices with a current subscription

We are a U.S-based company focused on personal Safety & GPS tracking products and services. Our Seculife® software is developed and managed by our in-house team. We are not just white-label resellers. We provide worldwide 4G/5G services to many top companies and individuals worldwide.

Your battery life is dependent on how often you’d like to receive location updates. Longer tracking interval settings help extend the battery life. Shorter intervals will result in a shorter battery life.

The COMPACT SIZE and COMFORTABLE FIT will allow you to stay safe and connected without anything heavy weighing you down or sacrificing your dignity to bulky trackers worn around your neck. DURABLE and the SPLASH RESISTANT design allow you to wear the smartwatch without impeding your day-to-day activities. The SecuLife SOS Smartwatch is an excellent option for Seniors and persons with Special Needs.

The SecuLife® SOS Smartwatch comes ready to use right out of the box, with an easy-to-use Magnetic USB Charging Cable and Customer-Friendly Support to Assist with setting up your device. In addition, you can access and download the SecuLife ® Mobile App for your iPhone or Android device by visiting the Apple or Google Play store.