OBD and Asset Tracking

SecuLife® OBD Vehicle Trackers and Asset Tracker were made to meet the needs of individuals, families, small and large businesses. It is used to encourage driver safety and promote responsible driving habits.
Simple to set up and use.
Simply plug in the tracker, and you’re set to go; no tools, wiring, or special skills required. The easy-to-use GPS tracking system begins once you have plugged in your device. You will start receiving up-to-the-minute location and historical route reports along with other unique and valuable features.
SecuLife® OBD Vehicle Trackers and Asset Tracker will notify you when the vehicle has entered or exited preset geofencing areas; the vehicle exceeds the acceleration settings you have set for the device, if the device has been removed, and if there is a potential event of theft.

Stay Tuned, product is coming soon…