Give The Gift of Safety • Free Tracker with a Prepaid Annual Plan

Give The Gift of Safety • Free Tracker with a Prepaid Annual Plan

For a limited time, we are offering our SecuLife families the
Kids GPS Tracker for $49.00 when you select an annual prepaid plan, savings of $50.00.

7:00 AM

Bus Ride to School

SecuLife Customer Vanessa R. Huston, TX

I’m a single mother of two young daughters who ride the bus to school.

I used to worry every day if my kids had caught the bus and arrived at school on time. I get a text, email, and a notification from the mobile app whenever they leave the house and arrive at school.

I’ve also created geofencing areas for their afterschool activities and playdates and receive notifications whenever they arrive and leave.

It is so comforting to know they’re safe and where they are at all times.

8:00 AM

Arrived at School

Call to check-in

SecuLife Customer Randy and Jenny M. Tucson, AZ Our child is still too young to have a cell phone, but we needed a way to call and see when he needed to be picked up from his afterschool activities. We were excited when we found the SecuLife kids tracker.

Strangers can’t call the tracker, and our child can’t call anyone except the numbers we’ve added to the mobile app. It was exactly what we needed to stay in touch, plus it has tons of other great features!